Company Name

Total Sports Management US, Inc.

AAM Member Name

Chris Layne

Company Address

507 Laurel Avenue
Johnson City, TN

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Andrew Baddeley male United Kingdom 1500m      
Barbara Parker female United Kingdom Steeplechase Barbara Parker on Twitter   Official Website of Barbara Parker
Barbara Pierre female United States 100m      
Billy Nelson male United States Steeplechase      
Carmelita Jeter female United States 100m/200m Carmelita Jeter on Twitter   Official Website of Carmelita Jeter
Ciaran O'Lionaird male Ireland 1500m Ciaran O'Lionaird on Twitter Ciaran O'Lionaird on Facebook Official Website of Ciaran O'Lionaird
David Payne male United States 110H      
Dwight Thomas male Jamaica 110H Dwight Thomas on Twitter    
Dylan Armstrong male Canada Shot Put      
Fabrice Lapierre male Australia Long Jump Fabrice Lapierre on Twitter    
Geena Gall female United States 800m Geena Gall on Twitter Geena Gall on Facebook  
Jason Richardson male United States 110H      
Julie Culley female United States 1500m/5000m Julie Culley on Twitter    
Katie Mackey female United States 1500m/5000m Katie Mackey on Twitter    
Kristi Castlin female United States 100H Kristi Castlin on Twitter    
Lacy Janson female United States Pole Vault      
Liz Patterson female United States High Jump      
Mary Saxer female United States Pole Vault Mary Saxer on Twitter Mary Saxer on Facebook Official Website of Mary Saxer
Matt Scherer male United States Pacer   Matt Scherer on Facebook Official Website of Matt Scherer
Nick Symmonds male United States 800m Nick Symmonds on Twitter   Official Website of Nick Symmonds
Novlene Williams-MIlls female Jamaica 400m   Novlene Williams-MIlls on Facebook  
Reid Coolsaet male Canada Roads Reid Coolsaet on Twitter   Official Website of Reid Coolsaet
Sally Kipyego female Kenya 5000m   Sally Kipyego on Facebook  
Travis Padgett male United States 100m      
Will Leer male United States 1500m      
Xavier Carter male United States 100m/200m