Company Name

Sprint Management

AAM Member Name

Kris Mychasiw

Company Address

34 de Franchimont,
Blainville, Quebec
J7B 1S9

Office Number


Mobile Number



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Also Working With

Bruny Surin


Alex Genest male Canada 3000mSC Alex Genest on Twitter    
Chris Winter male Canada 3000mSC Chris Winter on Twitter    
Crystal Emmanuel female Canada 200m Crystal Emmanuel on Twitter    
Dontae Richards Kwok male Canada 100m Dontae Richards Kwok on Twitter    
Eric Gillis male Canada Marathon Eric Gillis on Twitter   Official Website of Eric Gillis
Hilary Stellingwerff female Canada 1500m Hilary Stellingwerff on Twitter   Official Website of Hilary Stellingwerff
Jared Connaughton male Canada 200m Jared Connaughton on Twitter   Official Website of Jared Connaughton
Jason Rogers male Saint Kitts and Nevis 100m Jason Rogers on Twitter    
Justyn Warner male Canada 100m Justyn Warner on Twitter   Official Website of Justyn Warner
Kim Hyacinthe female Canada 200m Kim Hyacinthe on Twitter    
Lerone Clarke male Jamaica 100m Lerone Clarke on Twitter    
Luguelin Santos male Dominican Republic 400m Luguelin Santos on Twitter   Official Website of Luguelin Santos
Mariely Sanchez female Dominican Republic 200m Mariely Sanchez on Twitter    
Nikkita Warner female Canada 100mH Nikkita Warner on Twitter    
Phylicia George female Canada 100mH Phylicia George on Twitter   Official Website of Phylicia George
Priscilla Schliep female Canada 100mH Priscilla Schliep on Twitter   Official Website of Priscilla Schliep
Sarah Wells female Canada 400mH Sarah Wells on Twitter    
Sheri-Ann Brooks female Jamaica 100m      
Tremaine Harris male Canada 200m/400m Tremaine Harris on Twitter