Company Name

Global Athletics & Marketing, Inc.

AAM Member Name

Mark Wetmore

Company Address

437 Boylston St
Suite 404
Boston, MA 02116

Office Number

+1 877 849 8722

Fax Number

+1 617 249 0431


Also Working With

Rich Kenah
Art Huff
Paige Pieroni
Elias Kebede


Aheza Kiros female Ethiopia 10000m, Marathon      
Ali Abdosh male Ethiopia 10000m, Half Marathon      
Alistair Cragg male Ireland 5000m, 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon Alistair Cragg on Twitter    
Andrew Wheating male United States 800m, 1500m Andrew Wheating on Twitter Andrew Wheating on Facebook  
Anna Pierce female United States 800m, 1500m   Anna Pierce on Facebook  
Bianca Knight female United States 100m, 200m Bianca Knight on Twitter    
Brie Felnagle female United States 1500m, 5000m      
Carrie Tollefson female United States 5000m   Carrie Tollefson on Facebook  
Debebe Tolossa male Ethiopia Marathon      
Dejen Gebremeskel male Ethiopia 5000m   Dejen Gebremeskel on Facebook  
Derartu Tulu female Ethiopia Marathon      
Desta Gebrehiwet male Ethiopia Marathon      
Dorian Ulrey male United States 1500m      
Ed Moran male United States 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon      
Elfinesh Alemu female Ethiopia Marathon      
Fantu Magiso female Ethiopia 800m   Fantu Magiso on Facebook  
Gebre Gebremariam male Ethiopia Marathon   Gebre Gebremariam on Facebook  
Gotytom Gebreslase female Ethiopia 5000m      
Hagos Gebrhiwet male Ethiopia 5000m   Hagos Gebrhiwet on Facebook  
Hannah England female United Kingdom 1500m Hannah England on Twitter Hannah England on Facebook  
Henok Legesse male Ethiopia 1500m      
Jessica Beard female United States 400m   Jessica Beard on Facebook  
Kalkidan Gezahegne female Ethiopia 1500m   Kalkidan Gezahegne on Facebook  
Katie McGregor female United States 10000m, Half Marathon, Marathon   Katie McGregor on Facebook  
Lionel Larry male United States 400m Lionel Larry on Twitter    
Markos Geneti male Ethiopia Marathon      
Marshevet Hooker female United States 100m, 200m, Long Jump Marshevet Hooker on Twitter Marshevet Hooker on Facebook  
Meseret Defar female Ethiopia 5000m, 10000m   Meseret Defar on Facebook  
Meseret Legesse female Ethiopia Marathon      
Morgan Uceny female United States 800m, 1500m   Morgan Uceny on Facebook  
Nate Brannen male Canada 1500m      
Nick Willis male New Zealand 800m, 1500m, 5000m Nick Willis on Twitter Nick Willis on Facebook  
Nickel Ashmeade male Jamaica 100m, 200m   Nickel Ashmeade on Facebook  
Raji Assefa male Ethiopia Marathon      
Rondell Bartholomew male Grenada 400m      
Ryan Bailey male United States 100m, 200m   Ryan Bailey on Facebook  
Sentayehu Ejigu female Ethiopia 5000m, 10000m      
Shalonda Solomon female United States 100m, 200m   Shalonda Solomon on Facebook  
Shana Cox female United Kingdom 400m   Shana Cox on Facebook  
Tekeste Kebede male Ethiopia Marathon      
Terefe Yae male Ethiopia Marathon      
Tirunesh Dibaba female Ethiopia 5000m, 10000m   Tirunesh Dibaba on Facebook  
Trell Kimmons male United States 100m, 200m      
Treniere Moser female Ethiopia 1500m Treniere Moser on Twitter    
Tyson Gay male United States 100m, 200m Tyson Gay on Twitter Tyson Gay on Facebook Official Website of Tyson Gay
Werknesh Kidane female Ethiopia Marathon      
Woynishet Girma female Ethiopia Marathon